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The tournament is on Saturday, September 7, 2024, at Lippold Park in Crystal Lake, IL (see map below).

  • Gates open promptly at 7:30 a.m., and the line moves quickly. Registration closes as soon as the line is gone.
  • Opening Ceremony and team meet are from 8:15 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
  • Final Playoffs are until approximately 3 p.m. (depending on the number of teams). Awards and Raffles immediately following. Karaoke starts after raffles until sunset.

This is a rain-or-shine event. We will play unless there is lightning. One of the best parts of playing on astroturf is the fields are awesome, even when wet. Even if we are delayed due to weather, there will still be a party under the pavilion and we will take the opportunity to have extra amounts of fun.

Communication is the key to a successful event. Please let us know as soon as you know by using our contact form.  Teams can be rearranged so they are still competitive and not short players.  Your registration fee is a donation, and 100% goes directly to Northwest Memorial Foundation. It is not refundable.

The fun kind! Slow pitch 11" hardball pitched with an arc limit of 6-16’ and played on astroturf.  A glove/mitt is required. Pitchers must wear face protection or pitch from a further distance.

Everyone will play at least 3 or 4 games, depending on how many teams there are. Teams with the best records will enter into playoffs. We reserve the right to shift players to a new team in the event of a severe imbalance to create competitive gameplay for everyone.

ASA and USSSA bats are fine as long as they pass the Crystal Lake bat compression test before use. We MUST make sure there are no injuries – thus no illegal bats will be allowed on the field.

In short, please try not to be this person. Please make sure you are registered and paid by the deadline to ensure a successful, fun event for all. Last-minute changes can adversely affect events and teams. Registering before the tournament makes it easy to plan ahead and build fun teams, but it is still very time-consuming to build teams fairly. It is difficult to add to (or take away from) teams the busy morning of the event, not to mention more expensive for you. Last-minute walk-ins are welcome but may cause delays in team placement. There are typically last-minute cancellations that need to be filled. Increased 'Day of' Late Registration fees will apply.

We love fans of all ages. We love support signs (the more homemade, the better). Fans should sign in at the special registration area to be included in a fan drawing! Dogs are welcome and must remain on leashes and be under control at all times. If you’re bringing your kiddos, note that after 4:30 p.m., the adult party is in full swing. Keeping kids present for this will be at your discretion.

Yes, but registration is individual. Teams are constructed with all skill levels to provide for the most competitive games. This event is unique and structured this way for a reason. If this is your first time, you will understand once you get to know your new team for the day.

Yes, but registration is individual. Teams are constructed with all skill levels to provide for the most competitive games. This event is unique and structured this way for a reason. If this is your first time, you will understand once you get to know your new team for the day. We will ask that you refrain from special requests and enjoy the process. We’re so confident in our incredible group of women that we will guarantee an awesome time meeting amazing, supportive women who love this sport.

If you have someone you must be on the same team with, we will do our best to make it happen. It is limited to one person only and is very difficult to coordinate with how the teams are structured. Both parties must note this on the registration form and be paid in advance. The way the fields are structured, we are all in the same area all day, so we promise you will see, hang out, and play against or with your friends. The more friends you bring, the more chance of having them play on the same field as you.

A solid “no” on all of these. Our insurance does not allow for outside alcohol and we need to follow the park district rules so we can continue to have this amazing event year after year. Any outside alcohol will be asked to return to the parking lot or will be confiscated. These beautiful fields are astroturfed, and we can’t have gum sunflower seeds or chew on or near the fields.

Yes, coolers are allowed for food, snacks, energy drinks, water, and ice. Again, NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. Concession stands will be open for drinks and the grills will be open for lunch.

First of all, THANK YOU! If you will not be present, fill out the personal information part of the registration form and put a note in the last section stating “Donation only”. Please let us know if you would like a tax-deductible receipt emailed to you.

Yes! We will be collecting raffle prizes until 10:00 a.m. Raffle tickets will not go on sale until 10:00 a.m. to allow the volunteers to set up and have all the prizes present. Please sign in at the raffle table so we know who to thank properly.

50/50 raffle ticket holders will not need to stay until it is called, but any additional cash raffle winners will need to be present. All regular and super raffle prizes are called by ticket number. If someone does not have the ticket, another ticket number will be called. You can leave your raffle tickets with a designated person to claim your prize, but they must be holding your tickets.

You should still register!!!!!!! Please communicate in the last section of your registration that you would like an alternate way to pay. Someone will contact you shortly after your registration form is received to set up an alternate form of payment.

Please email tntsoftballclassic@gmail.com if we missed anything you might still have questions about. We are happy to provide everything you need and can easily update this page for others who may need a similar question answered.